I.O.B.I /


Ed. 1-10 + 2AP, 60x45 cm
Fiber Print, anti reflective and u.v.  protected glass

(Experiment With Clairvoyance V, on the 15th February 2010)

The work Ten sealed images (2012) takes its cue from an experiment carried out by The DanishSociety for Psychical Research on the 15th of February 2010. Ten different photo- graphs featuring varying images were wrapped in tin foil and subsequently placed in envelopes. The envelopes were then handed over to the medium Lina Johansson who used her para- normal abilities to describe the hidden images.
Ten sealed images consists of 10 separate photographic works with individual titles indicating the motif featured on the tin-foil-covered images. The work features all the props from the experiment: an envelope, a tinfoil-wrapped image and the medium’s descriptions of the motif.
Ten sealed images is the first presentation to result from an ongoing cooperation between artists Troels Sandegård and Ebbe Strub Wittrup. The concept underlying this joint venture originated in Moscow in 1957 when Soviet authorities founded the centre of parapsychological research.
The idea behind the Soviet institution – The Institute of Bioin- formation – was to utilize paranormal phenomena to develop new methods of espionage for the USSR. Sandegård and Wittrup’s project focuses on the scientification of the otherwise intangible and how an expanded notion of the senses affects the creation and experience of a work of art.



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