Troels Sandegård



Gallery Supernova, Riga


An installation EXHALE by the Danish artist Troels Sandegård will be exhibited at the gallery SUPERNOVA and its surroundings in Riga’s Old Town as of March 26th.   

The exhibition-installation EXHALE was created by the Danish artist Troels Sandegård. It encourages us to look into the ways how nature and climate issues are dealt with in the language of contemporary art. The artist hopes to ignite a discussion about ecology by depicting the interaction between art and nature, man-made facilities and their natural surroundings, the artificial and the natural, art and the urban space – all of which are extremely hot topics in the times of climate change. 

The installation consists of a framework of ventilation pipes, a fan transporting air and sound waves within the gallery’s premises as well as outside, “drawing” images out of the airborne fungi on special glass plates located in the premises.  

Nowadays, when being aware that the global climate crisis is not just an empty phrase, we should ask the following: Is our ventilation equipment used efficiently? Do we unnecessarily open the windows to air the rooms when it is minus 20 degrees outside and let the warm air disappear into nowhere, thus letting the rooms to chill down and then wasting energy to heat them up again? The simplest everyday things, such as ventilations systems, good heating and accurate isolation can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. 

Troel Sandegård’s exhibition EXHALE will be on display at the gallery SUPERNOVA from March 26th until April 25th. 



Materials: Exhaust tubes, ventilator, glas, wood, agar DG18 (dichlora glycerol)

Two different premises are connected to the gallery. One is an empty and completely degraded basement and the second is a public museum in Latvia devoted to the emancipation from Russia in 1991. The air from the two premises is transported by the fan through the suction pipe and into the gallery. The fan drives 30 minutes from each room. So the air in the gallery changes character every half hour. Inside the gallery hangs two framed glass panels that have been covered with Agar. Glass plates have been exposed for 60 min. in two different rooms, and sealed afterwards.