Self Portrait, Respiration And Perspiration


As exhibited at CCA Andratx, Mallorca, July 7. - September 27. 2017.

Dimensions vary.

At a distance these art works appear to be photographs of a moon-like surface with it hills and craters. Moving closer they become more three-dimensional and tactile in their materiality. They are self-portraits but rather odd ones. They tell us nothing of the appearance or mannerisms of the artist but instead they are scientific visualizations of his being. They are humid representations of the artists perspiration and respiration centered around clinically constructed sweat. The sweat is synthetically made to match the exact composition of salt and minerals within the artists body. While slowly dripping down upon different metal plates, the substance is creating layer upon layer of salt deposits and thereby stating the physical absence of the artist. He is there but as a singular digit in his own biologic equation