Dust Chamber

Dust Chamber

As exhibited at Gallery Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, DK. 2007.

Materials: Concrete, wood, lamp, video camera, monitor, electric motor.

Dimensions vary.

On a screen we observe dust dancing within a black void. It is a flickering visualization of the air surrounding us, but also the air and particles that stems from us. The work consists of a massive concrete chamber with two small linear cracks letting light in on each side. This wedge of light in the darkness of the box creates this visual of particles and dust flaring up the black nothingness. The symphony created within is recorded on film and sent as a live feed to a laptop elsewhere in the exhibition space. From the outside the concrete chamber appears as direct physical contrast to the size, movement and fragility of the environment created and maintained inside the black void of the chamber. It is poignantly pointing to a delicate presence in the engrossing absence.