Ice Wall

Ice Wall

As exhibited at Gallery Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, DK. 2007.

Materials: Polyester board, paint, copper tubing, cooling unit.

Dimension: 200 x 300 cm.

A landscape of ice gradually appears on a wall where it is slowly becoming an integrated part of the room. The work is created by a cooling refrigerant installed on the inside of the wall. This cooling component friezes the surface of the wall to below zero thereby causing the humidity in the air of the room to crystallize on the surface. It is a highly tactile art work since the ice is slowly protruding into the room and caused by the cooling element inside the wall that drags out any moisture, the air is crisp and slightly dry evoking the bodily sensation of an icy environment without the literal contact with the material.

The first photo is taken 2 days after the opening of the exhibit, while the next photo shows the surface 3 weeks later.