Ghost, final01.jpg



As exhibited at David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, DK. 2012.

Materials: Aluminum, cobber tubes, mirror, insulation foam, cooling unit.

Dimensions: 110x85x5 cm.

This work is concerned with spatial conditions and the imprints left behind by our presence. Having moved away from a space does never mean total absence in that space, but rather a continuing process circling presence. This is created by a mirror encased in an aluminium frame. The back of the mirror has a cooling component attached which cools down the surface. This cold surface means that the humidity in the air is condensed on the surface of the mirror. The mirror thereby engages with the room as it reflects the moist environment it has been placed in. It also reflects the visual environment as you are able to notice but make small sense of yourself and your surroundings when looking into it.