Hurricane Generator

Hurricane Generator

As exhibited at Gallery Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, DK. 2011.

Materials: 4x25 l. water containers, seawater, 4 aquarium heaters, photograph from the collection of the water in Mexico.

Dimension: 120x120x240 cm. (dimentions vary).

Acquarium heaters are warming up 100 liters of seawater collected in the south of Mexico. From here it has been transported to Denmark where it now simulates the conditions of a hurricane as a hurricane configures when water is 26 degrees celsius. The water near the equator is the foundation from which every cloud formation originates. This is because of the heat in this area of the Earth as the heat causes an enormous evaporation of water whereby clouds take their form and also where hurricanes are an inevitability. Placing the elements of this awe-inspiring and also destructive natural phenomenon in Denmark is equally poignant and pointless.